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Liver Detox Micro Powder
Liver Detox Micro Powder

Liver Detox Micro Powder

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Liver Detox Micro Powder - This Micro Powder is the easiest way to do a liver detox. Just take for a week, once a day. No need for those long drawn out, body stressing detoxes. With fresh organic herbs, one week does it. Put a scoop in water, a shake or a smoothie! Some people put it in their oatmeal. Cleanse the body and nourish at the same time.

It is imperative we cleanse this powerful essential organ, but let's also strengthen it.  We also need cooling and moving herbs to help the body process and remove toxins and build up.  This blend of herbs creates a balance and team effort in supporting this vital organ and its neighbors.


Comes in 4 oz bag or 8 oz.


Milk Thistle
Dandelion leaf and Root
Burdock Root

Gentian Root