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Cedarwood Essential Oil - 2 oz
Cedarwood Essential Oil - 2 oz

Cedarwood Essential Oil - 2 oz

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Cedarwood essential oil has been known to have so many uses. 

This comes in our larger 2 oz bottles with a dropper. We were tired of paying big money for tiny bottles! So we did something about it. These oils are used in our products so we stand by them.

It has been known to help relax and sooth scattered minds, and is a favorite among more masculine types. It has helped in itchy scalp, eczema and other dry skin ailments. We just love the smell! 

It contains compounds: 

  • himachalane – shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells
  • Limonene – repels insects and other microorganisms
  • Linalool – repels insects, especially mosquitos
  • Caryophyllene – causes the body to feel calm and relaxed. This compound is also found in clove, and lavender