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Feel free to check out and add a consultation to your cart. Please provide a phone number and we can call you to schedule a time. Or feel free to give us a call! We would love to visit with you. 940-557-5343

One hour consultation with our in house Clinical herbalist. Please be prepared to fill out some paperwork. Feel free to bring current blood work, less than 3 months old. You will visit with the herbalist for one hour and discuss goals and concerns you might have. 

This one hour session is to discuss holistic health goals. This session can be done via zoom or in person. Social distancing and good health safety protocols are in place.

****Please note - 45.00 scheduling fee is non-refundable and dates cannot be changed within the week of the appointment.



Member of the American Herbalist Guild

Member of AARM : Advance Association of Restorative Medicine.

Member of the American Herbal Pharmacpoeia

Clinical Practice with over 800 documented hours.

Education: Foundations of Herbalism, The Herbal Academy, CommonWealth School of Herbalism.  Texas State University,  Owner and Teacher of Sage Valley Academy, Mentorship with Dr Ellen Khamhi RH,  AARM continuing education. Ongoing education is always paramount.

Works with Oncologists, Family Physicians, Acupuncture Practitioners and other renowned herbalists to gain insight and a rounded knowledge of herbal medicine.

Has studied TCM, and Ayervedic Medicines, Native American Medicines and African Folk Medicine.

Has over 500 hours of botany and growing herbs from seed. Understands harvesting times and cultivation process of over 75 plants. Personal Materia Medica of over 75 plants.


Disclaimer: A clinical herbalist is NOT a doctor. They do not treat, diagnose or claim to cure any pathology in your body. The FDA does not support or approve any of our products or statements. This consultation is for educational purposes only.