Herbalism Starter Kit
Herbalism Starter Kit
Herbalism Starter Kit
Herbalism Starter Kit
Herbalism Starter Kit
Herbalism Starter Kit

Herbalism Starter Kit

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Everything you need to get started! 🥰

Have you ever wanted to learn the ways of Herbalism? Do you want to become an Herbalist? Maybe you just want to learn a few more natural ways to help yourself and family. Do you want to make your own salves or remedies?

It can be so confusing on where to get your information from, and the prices are all over the place!

I can understand. I have used 4 online schools, a university, dozens of seminars, books, 2 year mentorships and The American Herbalist Guild registered Herbalist guide. Plus I've grown over 75 herbs. I certainly could have saved ALOT of money if I knew more in the beginning.

Some of these schools online and these "master" Herbalist programs are taking ALOT of money, and they aren't teaching much. I want you to have a working knowledge to use every day.

As a clinical herbal professional I believe in affordable education that is hands on. This is the starter kit for that! And you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

You'll get 16 herbs! 3 seed packets, 2 extract bottles, and lots of DIY recipes and info!

I will include a link to our private student facebook group where I post free videos.

You'll get 2 dropper bottles for an extract you make!

It has Herbs, seeds and so much fun info with diy recipes.

What is included:

Herbs 2-4 oz of each. Weight will vary slightly depending on what fits in the resealable bags. But you'll get plenty to do your starter projects. 😉
Herbs are: Calendula, Chamomile, Astragalus, Echinacea, Elderberry, Elder Flower, Devils Claw, Meadowsweet, Nettle Leaf, Dandelion Root, Lemon Balm, Licorice Root, Eleuthero, Rose hips, Lavender

Amber bottles with dropper: 2

Seeds: Nettle, Calendula, Plantain

Information: DYI Recipes, folk lore history, Traditional Chinese Medicine history, Ayurveda history, Adaptogens history and more.

🌼You can purchase individual sessions through me as well for guidance. These will earn a certificate of completion if requested and projects are competed. 🌼

You are not required to buy Herbs from us to learn or buy learning sessions. You might already have these herbs! Feel free to buy your herbs anywhere you like. 🌼🌻

Also if you buy the starter kits you can use them with a school of your choosing. You do not have to learn from me. Go with your heart on that.

If you select the learning sessions they are in packages. You will get 60 minutes with me and we will go over projects and questions. You get ALOT of info so have a note pad handy! 3 sessions is for 3 months. Once each month with homework in-between. 6 sessions is for 6 months, one each month. If you need to go over a project you're working on etc, we can do that too!

The learning sessions will get you a certificate of Completion for mentored Herbalism. You will get 12 sessions, we meet once a month and you'll have homework. This is very hands-on and one on one. 🥰

The sky is the limit if we just go for it, stay focused and honor our great planet... Congratulations on your new adventure!

*We do not treat, diagnose or cure anything. This is for informational uses only. The FDA does not support or endorse anything here. We are not doctors.